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Fractional CIO

Companies at the forefront of growth in this global environment must embrace technology to help achieve their strategic goals.  The role of a CIO is to drive innovation and strategy aligning tightly with the overall business strategy.  Most organizations today have IT leadership that is responsible for daily technology functions and infrastructure.  According to a study by Harvard Business School, only 12% of the IT leaders are involved in strategic business direction.  Another study from McKinsey suggests that most business leaders are losing confidence in IT’s ability to support key business activities driving growth.

At Enexas, we believe that businesses are transformed with right mix of technologies to meet overall business strategy.  Thus, Enexas provides CIO leadership, works with your existing IT teams (or right source your IT to us), partners with business owners, collaborates across the organization, and paves the road to innovation, technology, and digital adaptation.  Our CIOs are business strategists!

Our CIO leadership helps redefine what’s possible for your business and we provide innovative ideas to implement your business strategy through use of digital adaptation.  Our agile minded resources maintain a pulse on the changing business landscape and quickly guide the organization to adapt ensuring high customer satisfaction and overall organizational efficiency.  We are the catalyst driving solutions among various business stakeholders driving overall ROI.


Our services include:

  • Executive representation in the form of a CIO
  • Business Applications recommendation, selection, implementation, project management, and support
  • Vendor negotiations and executive representation
  • Mobile solutions
  • Customer experience strategies
  • Business user focused solutions
  • Process automation
  • Robotics, Bots, IoT
  • Risk management
  • Infrastructure guidance, deployment, management, and support
  • Prioritization – which technologies should you invest in first
  • Data Analytics
  • IT business support (budgets, policies, standards, cyber security)

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