About Us

Enexas is a Management Consulting Company delivering strategic guidance to businesses in the areas of Customer Experience and Technology.  We founded Enexas on the basis of two very simple principles – right customer experience with the right technology at each juncture.

By focusing on the right customer engagement principles, we deliver complete business strategy, execution plans, and monitoring for long term healthy relationships with your customers.  We realize that no two companies are alike, and each organization aims to deliver a unique experience for their target customers.  Thus, our approach is to develop a unique proposal that fits within your vision and overall mission to serve your customers with the greatest satisfaction.

In a digital world, having the right leadership is vital to the growth and success of the business.  However, studies from McKinsey, Bain, and others suggest that few companies have IT leaders that are involved regularly in shaping the long term strategic path of the organization.  Thus, confidence in IT’s ability to support the business is waning.

Enexas specializes in bridging this gap through Fractional CIO leadership that has significant background in business and technology combined at fraction of a full time CIO.  Our resources participate with your executive leadership in shaping your overall business growth strategy and driving joint partnerships with business owners to deliver effective performance.


We are based in Atlanta, GA and provide services globally.

Enexas, LLC